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Si comincia con un battibecco tra amiche (forse qualcosa più di un battibecco) e si continua tra flashback e rivelazioni dal passato ma anche indizi sul futuro…Gossip Girl: As per Gossip Girl Thanksgiving tradition, I’m trading my laptop for stove-top. And for the next 16 hours, the only thing I’m dishing is seconds. When the cat’s away… the mice will play. Have fun, little rodents!Serena: Tell me you didn’t sleep with Chuck for revenge?Blair: Are you jealous?Serena: If you’re sleeping with Chuck, I’d say the student has become the master.Blair: Are you jealous? You didn’t get to sleep with him first? There had to be somebody left in the Upper East Side.Jenny: Well, keep dreaming. Maybe one day she’ll actually know your name.Dan: Yeah, maybe. And then I’ll have something to be thankful for.
Blair: I mean, who gets wasted on Thanksgiving?Serena: The holidays are lonely for people. I wanted to keep them company. Wooooo!Serena: [to Dan] Bye, Dave!Serena: I thought you wanted to wait. I thought you wanted to make it special.Blair: Oh, so Nate gets a free pass and I’m the slut?Serena: Tell me you didn’t sleep with Chuck for revenge.Blair: Well, it wasn’t because I liked his natural musk. And, besides, nothing hurts more than sleeping with the best friend. Right, S?Blair: Mom, he’s living in Europe… with a man. You can’t be all that surprised that he wants a divorce.Eleanor: I know. But, I am surprised by how it makes me feel. He was my husband, after all. My Harold… for almost 20 years.Dan: So, uh, dad. Not that I’m… not that I’m mad, exactly. But, not telling me about Serena’s mom? Extremely uncool.Rufus: I should have said something, I know. And I’m sorry.Dan: Given the “ick” factor alone, I’d say that you pushed my progress back by, at least, several months.Rufus: Oh, come on. You’re a Humphrey Man. No daughter of Lily’s could ever resist.Blair: If you think about it, it makes total sense that your mom was a groupie. I mean, only a woman that had completely satisfied her sexual appetite in her youth would ever marry your stepdads.Serena: Blair, can we not talk about my mom’s appetite?Dan: No, or who satisfied her.Serena: That’s just…Dan, Jenny, Eric, and Serena: Gross!Alison: I think we’re splitting hairs here, Rufus. An emotional affair is just as bad as a physical one.Lily: Oh, please. Nobody’s buying that. Emotional affairs are necessary to keep a marriage alive.Alison: And how many times have you been divorced?Rufus: So, you’re not overreacting per se. You’re just having a reaction that is so above and beyond what is appropriate.Alison: I have been killing myself, trying to make up for what happened in Hudson.Rufus: Which is not an overreaction, I might add.Alison: And then I find out that the two of you are making out at a party.Lily: Uh, it was hardly making out.Dan: So you threatened Lily van der Woodsen with physical violence? Mom, you are a bad-ass.Alison: Yeah, well, what can I say? I was younger, then…and wearing steeled toed boots.Dan: Clever. What was so bad about her? I mean, aside from the superior fluttering eyelids and punishing sarcasm.Alison: Just in time, but I thought you were going to bring pie.Dan: I did, but it kind of got run over, by a taxi because I was trying to help this girl stay out of traffic.Alison: Ah, well who needs dessert when we’ve got a real live hero in our mits.Alison: A thing for blonds? You are you’re father’s son.Dan: Not just any blond. Apparently, I like the ones who get drunk on Thanksgiving and almost die.Alison: Well, you’re dad liked them dangerous and troubled, too. So?Dan: You were dangerous?Alison: Who said I was talking about me?Dan: (with an accent) Man with van, at your service.Serena: Hey!Dan: Hey. (turns to Lily) Uh, bold choice of attire, Mrs. van der Woodsen. Unless that’s what they’re wearing at the runway these days.Serena: No, my mom is sick because she doesn’t want to be imposing.Lily: You know what? I’m fine just curling up and reading a good book.Eric: You’re supposed to be with your family on Thanksgiving.Dan: And Nicholas Sparks is hardly family. I’m not taking no for an answer. In fact, I’m not even asking. You’re coming with us. I’m adult-napping you.Lily: Fine, just, stop talking. And I’ll get ready.Dan: Make it snappy, I’m double parked. Thanks!Dan: There’s no chance we’re related, right?Jenny: Look at Eric’s roots.Eric: What do you mean? What’s wrong with my roots?Jenny: They’re kinda Rufus-like.Serena (comes through the door with Blair): Hey.Dan: Serena and Blair.Jenny (surprised): Blair!Blair: Yeah, it’s me.Serena: Explanation will follow. But, first, what’s going on with our parents?Jenny: Oh, uh, our dad dated your mom.Dan: We’re not related, though.Serena: What?Eric: Ignore my roots. Blair: You know what’s really weird? There’s a garage door in the middle of your room…Lily: There’s nothing wrong with having Chinese food on Thanksgiving.Serena: What?!Lily: Jews have been doing it on Christmas since forever. Look, a pumpkin! It’s festive, yes?Serena: We’re gonna eat a pumpkin?Lily: These smell great.Eric: Yes, so we can starve in a fragrant hotel room.Serena: You couldn’t make it past the salad, huh?Dan: I opened the cranberries. My work is done.Serena: Uh, don’t ask. But, the good news is my mom is going to slice us up a pumpkin. Oh, and there’s a duck!Serena: I don’t want a bath.Nate: Aw, too bad, Blair’s direct orders.Serena: Blair’s not the boss of me.Nate: Are your in the air? Because Blair is the boss of all of us. Seriously, Serena, you smell like the floor of a brewery.Serena: I do not!Nate: Yes, you do.Serena: Oh, my God. I do.Nate: Yeah.Serena: A brewery floor with a hint of second hand smoke.Nate: And a pint of Old Spice.Serena: I totally need a bath.Nate: Yes, you do.Serena: Blair’s a bossy genius.Nate: Yeah, she is.Dan: [about Rufus and Lily] I think it is fairly safe to assume that they have had sex.Blair: Nothing hurts more than sleeping with a best friend.Serena: Way to prove a point.Blair: Well I learned it from the master.Serena: What’s Chuck doing today?Blair: Why are you asking me?Serena: Well, you guys are friends. And, Blair, you know you can tell me anything. I’d be the last person to judge anyone.Blair: With good reason.Serena: Blair, I saw you with Chuck.Blair: [pauses] I don’t know what I was thinking. I mean, sleeping with him once, maybe I could understand. But twice?Serena: Wait, you slept with him!?Blair: Shhh.Serena: Blair!Blair: What happened to no judging?Serena: You and Nate get back together?Blair: You mean, since Gossip Girl published pictures of him and some skank?
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