Episode 5: quotes – citazioni

Eeeh lo so, manca Chuck…ma questo non vuol dire che non ci siano scambi di battute degni di nota!!!Check out…Gossip Girl:…Blair is free to focus on the most important event of fall: her annual Sleepover A tradition since the year 2000, each one more decadent than the last.Rufus:Did you knock over a parking meter?Dan: No this is the entire content of my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle piggy bank…How long can a man have a piggy bank and still call himself a man? So i thought it was time to break Donatello open…Dan: I have it all planned…Six pounds of plans, actually…Rufus: I know it’s been a while since I took someone on a date, but…movie ticket prices haven’t risen much, have they?Jenny: You don’t leave much room for surprise, do you?Serena: I don’t know how to dress for surprise! Not everything goes with it, you know…Jenny: The Humphrey men do casual fridays…every day!Blair: Sleepover is sophomore year.Serena: Blair…the plan is Dan…remember the guy you realized is actually a human being and worthy of your time and attention?Blair: I’m not a stop along the way, I’m a destination…Blair: Little Jenny Humphrey…You’re coming to soiree…Jenny: Me? Really?Girls: Her? Really?Blair: A girl’s first sleepover…something she’ll never forget…let’s make sure of it…Girl: Taking bets of how long she lasts…Lily: Dan…Does Serena know you’re here?Dan: Yeah…Yes of course, she let me in…at laest I hope it was her…She’s about yea tall, very blonde…?Gossip Girl: Here’s an inside tip little Jenny…The faster you rise the harder you fall…Hope that hello kitty sleeping bed doubles as a parachute…Blair: Too beyoncè…Too mary kate…Too hannah montana…Blair: As my mom always says “fashion knows not of comfort, all that matters is the face you show to the world”…Blair: Martini.Jenny: No thanks, I don’t like wodka.Blair: Oh, that’s nice, because this is gin, as it should be.Gossip Girl: Will J take the bait and go from Brady to Britney or will her goody two-shoes mind-set turn into the night’s biggest buzz kill?Dan: I think the only thing being lost in this game will be your dignity…Rufus: This is better not be my wife…Lily: Rufus…do you always answer to the phone like that?Lily: It’ s an emergency.Rufus: A real emergency or a Lily emergency?Blair: My answer is usually “never say never” but for you I’ll make an exception…Serena: Uhm…there’s something vibrating in your pocket…and I really hope is your phone…Serena: Remember a cute girl with total lack of pool skills?Dan: I remember. So does the table.Eric: It was worth it…to be out after dark and to talk to someone who’s not just you and mom…even if it’s Blair…no offense.Serena: How about we walk?Blair: Oh, call me.Serena: Yeah, i will!Blair: I was talking to Eric.Lily: I even remember the black dress I wore that night…Rufus:I think it may have actually been blue…Lily: I thought you said you didn’t remember me being there.
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